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Hello Friends,

Monday, July 9th, 2007

We are starting our blog because we want to help all of you who have health problems which can be alleviated by a series of treatments in one of our sanatoriums in Poland. We know from experience that some of you do not know if the symptoms they experience can be effectively dealt with by the medical staff in a sanatorium. And last but not least, which sanatorium should they select for their particular problem. 

We are also addressing our blog to you who do not suffer from any pains or ailments, but just want to get away from it all, change pace and “reload your batteries”. Namely the spa visitors

Both above mentioned groups may also suffer from overweight, so again: where to go and what results to expect ?  

A separate group of you are the ones who intend to undergo a plastic operation. We also want to hear from the people who had one or more of them.

What do you think ?

Was it worth the effort ? 

Let us talk.

Let us all hear what the others have to say.

Let us exchange views on the above topics.

This way we will help each other. 

Andrzej Smólski 

Managing Director