In 2004 I founded my firm: HIT - Health Improvement Tours, in response to many inquiries my travel agency received from our clients. People asked us to provide them with the possibility to come for medical treatments in Polish sanatoriums, relax in Polish spas and undergo plastic operations in Poland. We made a list of world class establishments and selected a few, which we know represent the highest standards.

They appear on our Website: www.hit-polen.com

HIT’s services are profiled at both adults and children. Also people who are incapacitated.We are trying to best respond to the needs of the widest spectrum of the public. Therefore I decided to run this blog. I want to learn from your experiences and also inform you about our new services and treatments.

Currently half of our clientele comes from Scandinavia and the other half from the U.S., and the U.K. Quite recently we started to receive clients also from the Arab Emirates.

Andrzej Smólski