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hair reconstruction surgery

Here is the detailed information regarding hair reconstruction surgery, hair transplantation - which is an opportunity to solve your problem of hair loss for life.

Hair reconstruction surgery

A surgical method for persons intending to radically solve their hair loss problem and improve their appearance.
During the initial consultations, measurements and drawings are made. The candidate for the procedure is informed in detail about the plan of treatment, the course of treatment, and the expected final result.

Surgical treatment is the only permanent and least expensive solution to the problem of hair loss in women and men.

Hair reconsruction

The surgical methods include:

  • hair follicle grafting
  • bald patch excision
  • transfer of a scalp fragment with hairs

Grafted single hair follicles look natural both in the case of dry and wet hair.

The grafted hair can be freely styled, cut and dyed. No special medicines or special care are required.

The micrografting method involves the transfer of small skin islets containing 1 - 3 hairs from the scalp of the back of the head (not sensitive to dihydrotestosterone) to the balding scalp.

The number of the necessary grafts depends on the size of the area where hair thickening or reconstruction is required. Usually, 500-1500 grafts are made during one session. For better effects, the majority of the patients require 2-3 operations.

Hair transplantation is carried out under local anaesthesia and takes 3-6 hours. The patient can leave the clinic the following day. The grafted hairs start to fall out after 7-10 days to re-grow after 2-3 months. Eventually, the hairs gain length at a speed of ca 1 cm per month.

Hair reconstruction surgery is an opportunity to solve the problem of hair loss for life.

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