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This sanatorium has a 160 year tradition in successfully curing diseases of the locomotive system (skeleton, joints, muscles, mobility) which usually have a rheumatic background; offering diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis, lumbago, arthritis, discopathy, neurological disabilities, conditions after accidents, after orthopedic operations, after strokes, myocardial infarcions, coronary angioplasty and patients with arterial hypertension. Allergies, psoriasis, its variations and other skin problems are also treated at Busko-Zdrój - the percentage of recoveries is extremely high.

Important! The balneological treatment is not recommended in case of: cardiac failure, infectious diseases, neoplastics, venereal and parasite diseases, tuberculosis, psychosis and diseases in an acute condition.

Busko-Zdrój is situated in Swietokrzyska Province (50km south of Kielce, capital of the province, 80km north of Cracow and 220km south-east of Warsaw) in a broad and picturesque valley of the Nida river, called Ponidzie. Within 50km there is no industry. Natural springs of healing waters, ecologically sound environment, pleasant and mild climate with most days of sunshine a year in Poland warrant rapid and complete recovery.

Sulphide springs (unique for Busko-Zdrój) combine the features of iodide and bromide mineral water and the products of sulphur reduction in gypsum deposits. The curative process begins when bivalent sulphur is absorbed from the skin, respiratory system, digestive tract and female reproductive organs. This initiates a chain of biochemical reactions, antiphlogistic and antidotal processes. Suggested treatment includes baths, washing the mouth, irrigation and drinking. Among the beneficial effects, the most significant ones have proved to be the reduction of the sugar and cholesterol level in blood, alleviation of swelling, pain relief and improvement of motor activity of the joints. We have also observed a rejuvenating effect of the sulphide water.

Iodide and bromide mineral water (2,2% concentration of dissolved solid substance) has its source in deep mineral deposits formed on the sea bottom in the Miocene epoch from 10 to 25 million years ago. It contains some important trace elements, mainly natrium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, iodine and iron, believed to be a critical factor in physiological processes. Taking baths in it, you will increase your antiviral immunity, strengthen your nervous system, improve your peripheral circulation and heart efficiency.

Therapeutic mud is a highly organic soil formed through a natural process used in treatment (poultice or tampon) of rheumatic disorders and diseases peculiar to women, especially of the reproductive organs.

Additionally to treatment with natural resources of the sanatorium, up-to-date methods and techniques of physiotherapy are very important (this sanatorium offers 45 kinds of treatments).
This includes a wide range of remedial gymnastics, massages, inhalations and physiotherapeutic techniques (such as light and heat therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, etc).


Single and double rooms with bath. Most rooms are suitable for disabled persons.
Included in daily room rates: full board (3 meals per day), medical care (doctors and nurses), 3 medical treatments plus curative gymnastics. No treatments on Sundays.
Please bring your current medical record, if available.

Room rates per day in 2012


Price per person per day
  6 days 13 days or more 6 days 13 days or more
Price / Season 15 APR – 14 OCT 15 OCT – 14 APR

Single room with bath

250 245 215 210

Double room with bath

243 238 215 210

Suite occupied by one person

450 450 428 428
Suite occupied by two persons
(third person pays PLN 138 per day)
510 510 470 470

Approximate exchange rate: 1 Euro = 4,3 PLN

Check current exchange rate


Full board – three meals per day.
The food served in the dining halls is based on traditional Polish cuisine.Special diets are available on request.


A wide range of treatments is available – 45 in all. Examples:

Sulfide bath

Sulfide waters used here for baths come from natural springs in the environs of Busko-Zdrój. Saline sulfide-sulphuretted hydrogen waters also contain a lot of other microelements. Sulfide ion is their crucial active factor which is easily absorbed into the blood stream through the skin and reaches all the tissues of the system, prevents tissues from being destroyed by inflammatory conditions, stops blood vessels from being injured and lowers blood coagulability. Sulfide baths have regenerative effects on connective tissue, which favors the treatment of rheumatic diseases, deforming osteoarthrosis and atheromatosis. They also have detoxifying effects in, for example, lead poisoning.
The qualities of the local sulfide waters are verified by the results of scientific research and bring the resort into the foreground of the world spas. From the investigations done by the Department of Clinic Pharmacology in the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University of Cracow, Poland, it follows that sulfide water used in drinking treatment has a very favourable effect on disturbances of fat balance (lowers the levels of sugar, cholesterol, LDL fractions of cholesterol and triglycerides).

Iodide-bromide bath

Iodide-bromide water containing iodine and selenium is used in some diseases of the circulatory system and the nervous system. Selenium present in the water is indispensable to the health of the heart muscle and blood vessels, counteracts neoplasia and enhances the immune system.

Carbon dioxide bath

This bath water is a mixture of water with such a quantity of carbon dioxide that the bath water reaches temperatures of 32 to 34C. Carbon dioxide present in the water comes out as gas bubbles on the skin and causes a great many changes in the system by dilating arterial and venous capillaries, which results in lowering blood pressure. A CO2 bath also has soothing and relaxing effects.
It is used in circulatory failure, post-inflammation of the heart muscle treatment, myocardiac degeneration, obesity and neurosis.

Sulfide-limb baths

Used to treat patients who can not take a regular bath for medical reasons, by immersing their upper and lower limbs in sulfide water.

Ozone-pearl bath

Massaging the body immersed in the water with lots of air bubbles. It has strong relaxing and antidepressing effects, controls the flow of primary oxygen through the skin, dilates capillaries, inhibits varication, helps to combat cellulite accumulation, smoothes out wrinkles, adds a softer and smoother shine to the skin, enhances the nourishment and metabolism of tissues, stimulates the activity of joints and relieves tension and tired muscles.
Ozone has bactericidal and fungicidal effect and facilitates metabolism. Also prevents respiratory and digestive disorders.

Underwater massage

Recommended for relieving muscular tension (of the transversospinal system in discopathy in particular) and used in back pains.


Different massages – a hand massage, a partial rotational massage,and complete massage with a mechanical effect on the tissues, contributing to a faster flow of body fluids, which improves the efficiency of the whole system or its specific organs.

Vibratory massage (Aquavibron)

A massage based on the local application of a vibratory rubber membrane which is powered by the water flowing through the system of rubber pipes. Application: rehabilitation of the locomotor organ, neuralgias, backbone degeneration, etc.
It is a regenerative procedure for sportsmen and working people and also a regeneration procedure which improves the blood supply to the skin and muscles as well as the skin elasticity.

Classical massage

Used as relaxing and regenerative procedure which acts as a pain and tension reliever as well as a stimulant.

Mechanical massage hydro-jet

A waterbed massage of the whole body with regenerative, relaxing and soothing effects. It causes beneficial changes in the metabolism of muscular cells and gives a feeling of psychological comfort. A rehabilitation massage is used in disorders of degenerated joints and the backbone and in the rehabilitation of the muscular system.
A therapeutic massage is recommended in syndromes of backbone pains resulting from overloading the bones and joints and discopathy.


Designed for the therapy with a pulsating magnetic field of low frequency which steadily penetrates through all parts of the body. It relieves pains, prevents inflammatory conditions and relaxes sore muscles. It has beneficial effect on treating bone fractures, damaged ligaments, injuries of tendons, bruises, dislocations, sprains, neuralgias, neuromas and phantom limb pains.

Magnetic resonance

Apparatuses designed for physicotherapeutic procedures (magnetostimulation) with the use of a magnetic field affecting the whole body or its specific parts. It improves the peripheral circulation, affects the regeneration of soft tissues, speeds up the cicatrisation of wounds and bone fractures and is beneficial in degenerative diseases.

Laser therapy

The essence of the effect of laser infrared radiation on the system is to convey energy of increased intensity to tissues deep inside the human body which are out of reach of ordinary physical agents. Thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, bioregenerative and cicatrizant action, a laser is used in, among others, sports rheumatology, dentistry, dermatology and medical cosmetics.

Interference currents

Are alternating currents of medium frequency. They are applied by four electrodes put to the patient’s body in such a way that they form two intersecting electric circuits. As a result of interference a curative stimulus occurs within a specific area of the patient’s body.
The currents have analgesic effects, stimulate the peripheral circulation, nutritional processes and metabolism of tissues. They relieve the tension of the sympathetic nervous system and are used in neuralgias, polyncuropatia, algesic syndroms of degenerative diseases of the backbone and disorders of the peripheral circulation.

Tense currents

Impulse currents mostly used in protracted analgesic therapy and neuralgias, polyncuropatia, algesic syndromes of degenerative diseases of the backbone, disorders of the peripheral circulation and to stimulate skeletal muscles.

Kotz currents

Stimulation by Kotz or Russian stimulation, is used to build up the strength of muscles and develop musculature.


An electrostimulator of high electrotherapeutic efficiency. Modulated impulse currents of medium frequency are capable of stimulating neuromuscular structures. They are felt by the patients as pleasing vibrations.


Modulated currents formed by imposing a harmonic current on a galvanic current. They are mostly recommended to obtain analgesic action and to relieve the muscle tension.


A way of introducing ions and molecules of drugs into the system through the skin and mucous membrane under the influence of direct current. According to the drug used, it is likely to improve innervation, to obtain hypesthesia and increase the calcareous infiltration of the skeleton. It also shows analgesic action.


An electrotherapeutic procedure which consists of a passage of direct current through the treated parts of the body. It is used in neuralgias, pains caused by backbone degenerative changes and disturbances of the peripheral circulation.

Trabert current

A rectangular impulse current of constant parameters: time per impulse 2ms and interval time 5 ms. Current UR is of remarkable advantage to the therapy of pains caused by backbone disorders, of neurology with spastic component and of diseases of peripheral nervous system.


Improve blood supply, show analgesic action, soothe muscular tension, stretch and contract tissues in micromassage.

Bioptron lamp

Exposure to polarized light of Bioptron lamp is of profit to the system. Inflammations disappear, pains are relieved and the circulation and the immune system is stimulated. The therapy with Bioptron light is effective in healing skin diseases and disorders of the locomotor system (rheumatism, sports bruises, etc.).

Sollux lamp

Infrared radiation is employed here. This radiation penetrates the tissues and causes the congestion of tissues as well as it prevents the possible undesirable skin reactions caused by ultraviolet rays. This lamp emits UV type B that is inevitable in converting carotene into vitamin D3 and in immunological processes of the system.

Paraffin compresses

The thermal factor causes both the surface and the deep congestion of tissues. The application is the same as in moor mud procedures.


Treatment at extremely low temperatures. It consists in lowering the temperature of tissues by nitrogen vapours refrigerated to –180 degrees C.
A procedure takes 1 to 3 minutes. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, combats tissue swelling and improves the movability of joints.


The oldest way of regenerating the body and its stamina which consists in heating and cooling it in turns. Application: susceptibility to infections, a predisposition to colds, chronic bronchitis, idiopathic hypertension at its first stages, low blood pressure, disorders of capillary circulation (cold hands, feet), arthrosis, non-inflamatory disorders of the backbone, disturbances of metabolism, obesity, diabetes, chronic rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic states of the locomotor organ, gynecopathy.


Three medical treatments plus curative gymnastics are included in price per day – as recommended by the doctor.

Important! In order for treatments to really “catch on” and show durable positive results you feel and see long after you return home, your stay should preferably take at least 14 days.
Please be prepared to pay PLN 3 per day to the reception – standard registration fee.


Hydromassage, solarium, Jacuzzi in suites, lift.


Concert hall with its Spa Chamber Orchestra and famous singers produce a calming effect on the audience. This Orchestra, considered the best spa orchestra in Poland, has animated the local cultural scene for 56 years providing visitors with impressions to remember.
Bus station 40m.
Excursions, dances, walks in historic parks.
Excellent local mineral water "Buskowianka".

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